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Yuu is an ultra-small, premier product line of behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids by Unitron Hearing that offers the best options available. Easy-to-use and full-featured, Unitron Yuu is a great choice for first-time wearers, or long-time hearing aid users!

Yuu is available in both the Moxiâ„¢ CRT and Moda IIâ„¢ thin-tube models. Moxi and Moda II provide the widest choice of fitting options to satisfy mild to moderate hearing losses with the same features and performance of a regular sized BTE. Advantages include a smaller shell size, enhanced comfort and aesthetics, larger venting for more natural sound and an extended range for non-occluded (blocked ear) fittings. More information on the Moxi and Moda II Models.

For more technical and lifestyle information about hearing aids click here to view our General Information page.

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