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Please note that the Hansaton AQ line requires the purchase of their AQ Battery Charger for an additional $429.00. Hansaton offers the very best in big name German engineering techniques without the high price. XearA technology in Hansaton’s top-level AQ First Class is the same as the Hansaton Antaro but with a rechargeable power supply. AQ First Class gives excellent performance for people regularly in demanding sound environments such as restaurants and vehicles. AQ First Class sound processing technology is comparable, feature to feature, with any of the leading hearing aid manufacturer’s current state-of-the-art products.

AQ First Class rechargeable hearing aids are easy to use with no frequent battery replacement needed, the rechargeable power supply has a five year lifespan.

AQ First Class is compatible with a full line of accessories designed to improve understanding of speech using the telephone, listening to television, and using public assisted listening systems, please call for more information.

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