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The Latitude 16 by Unitron continues its attention to producing the best hearing aid technology at a great price level to the hearing impaired. Experience unparalleled performance with technologies typically only found in premium hearing instruments.

The Latitude 16 offers a selection of options that will fit your unique hearing loss, preferences and lifestyle. Latitude 16 is the most advanced hearing instrument in its class and provides effective hearing solutions in any situation with its easy-to-wear styles and breakthrough technologies.

Two big features, noise reduction and feedback reduction, are improved in the Latitude series over the Next series just as the Next series was an improvement over the Element series.

Use the Features and Colors tabs below to learn about additional options. The Latitude Series is available in a variety of discreet styles and colors to fit your lifestyle.

Latitude Series Line up

  • BTE HP – Powerful BTE for severe to profound hearing loss, full size BTE
  • BTE – Powerful BTE for severe hearing loss, Mid sized BTE
  • Moxi 13/ Moda 13 – Smallest BTE ( size 13 battery) available with wireless capabilities
  • Moxi/Moda II – Small, discreet mini BTE (size 312 battery)

NOTE: uDirect is only available with the Latitude Passport.

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