Unitron N Moxi Kiss 700

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“Excellent Quality and Mid-Level Value For Any Hearing Loss”

Unitron’s newest hearing aid models feature North, a powerful new technology with 2X the sound processing power of the ERA technology it replaces. Moxi Kiss is the smallest of Unitron’s open ear RIC hearing aids. The Kiss uses a 312 battery and functions automatically without an onboard button. Manual control of volume and/or environmental program requires use of an optional remote control. Moxi 700 offers great performance for those who spend an average amount of their time in mid-level noise ranges.

    Custom Specifications Include

  • Memories – Sound Navigation in 5 environments
  • Volume Control – with optional remote controls
  • Directional Microphones – Multiband
  • Telecoil – Easy-T Telecoil; Binaural phone
  • Aid-to-Aid Communication – Yes, DuoLink
  • Bluetooth Capable – Yes, with optional uStream or uDirect3

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