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The JamHD 13 BTE hearing instruments utilize Hansaton’s premier EASE sound processing technology. This flexible, yet powerful Behind-The-Ear (BTE) hearing aid product line includes features that help provide better speech understanding in changing sound environments. It utilizes a size 13 battery and comes in two models – JamHD RS13 and JamHD S13.

JamHD RS13 features

  • Rocker switch volume control
  • Push button program selection
  • Ear hook/Mini-tubes
  • Integrated Telecoil

JamHD S13 features

  • Programmable Push button
  • Ear hook/Mini-tubes
  • Integrated Telecoil

Both JamHD RS13 and JamHD S13 models also carry an IP-67 rating, which means that they are dust and powerful water jet protected

Here is a partial list of the features incorporated in the EaseHD technology platform that can improve your hearing and provide better speech understanding in changing sound environments.

  • AutoSurroundHD seamlessly chooses the optimum setting based on the sound environments the wearer encounters. AutoSurround comes in four performance levels
  • SurroundOptimizerHD works to keep soft sounds audible while keeping loud sounds within an the wearer’s comfort range
  • SpeechBeam+ recognizes speech in all directions
  • BiLink – JamHD instruments communicate with each other when worn as a pair
  • BiPhone – Telephone conversations in both ears when wearing a pair
  • Frequency Compression – moves sounds form inaudible frequency ranges to ranges the wearer can hear
  • Tinnitus system – Integrated functionality for wearers with tinnitus
  • Direct Sound Management – a feature designed to balance the sounds naturally with amplified sounds, which eliminates distortion and increases clarity

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