Unitron Tempus Moxi All 800 Rechargeable


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Unitron Tempus Moxi All 800 Rechargeable

Unitron Tempus Moxi Pro R battery charger and rechargeable batteries included (a $250 value) when you purchase a pair.

The Unitron Tempus Moxi All 800 Rechargeable is a virtually invisible, RIC (receiver-in-the-canal) hearing aid. The Unitron Tempus Moxi All Rechargeable streams phone calls from your Smartphone whether it is an iPhone or an Android. It comes with rechargeable batteries and charger, but it is also able to use regular disposable batteries when you want. It works with any smartphone capable of Bluetooth connectivity. Unitron Tempus Moxi All runs on the Tempus platform platform for faster speech processing with lower power consumption. Tempus is powerful new sound processing technology that builds on the North platform it replaces. With Tempus, Unitron has taken their passion for hearing aids to the next level and addressed the challenging problem of improving conversations in noisy and crowded environments. The result is a big step forward in speech discrimination, sound localization and overall comfort.

Unitron Tempus Moxi All 800 R is packed with enough technology to deliver the best hearing experience possible. Unitron Tempus Moxi All 800 R is fully automated and is extremely simple to use. With an award-winning style and industry leading features, the Moxi All 800 R is an advanced-performance level hearing aid designed for active people who spend an above average amount of time in demanding hearing environments which can involve background or crowd noise.

Unitron Tempus Moxi All Hearing Aids are also available in the following models:

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Technology LevelPro R
800 R
700 R
600 R
500 R
Open Fit TypeYes, RICYes, RICYes, RICYes, RICYes, RIC
Technology LevelPremiumAdvancedStandardEssentialEconomy
Volume ControlYes, Push ButtonYes, Push ButtonYes, Push ButtonYes, Push ButtonYes, Push Button
On-Board Control TypeYes, Push ButtonYes, Push ButtonYes, Push ButtonYes, Push ButtonYes, Push Button
Remote Control AvailableYesYesYesYesYes
Directional MicrophonesYesYesYesYesYes
Noise ReductionYesYesYesYesYes
Sudden Noise ProtectionYesYesYesYesYes
Wind Noise ProtectionYesYesYesYesYes
Feedback ManagementYesYesYesYesYes
Aid-to-Aid CommunicationYesYesYesYesYes
Wireless CapableYesYesYesYesYes
Smartphone ControlYesYesYesYesYes
Battery Size1313131313
Warranty3 Year3 Year3 Year3 Year3 Year
Loss/Damage Warranty2 Year2 Year2 Year2 Year2 Year

Unitron Moxi All R Color Options

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Feature Comparison

ModelPro R800 R700 R600 R500 R
Channels/HandlesDivides the audio spectrum into discrete parts giving precise adjustment and fine-tuning tailored to your specific needs.202016
Number of ProgramsAllows you to designate specific settings to a particular program, such as “Noise”776
Music Program
Preset program for a fuller, richer music listening experience.YY
Noise Program
Preset program for reducing background noise while not in conversation.
Conversation in Crowd
Preset program for reducing background crowd noise while isolating speech with one person.YYY
Conversation in Small Group
Preset program for isolating speech with one person while not cutting out the rest of the group.YYY
Conversation in Quiet
Preset program for enjoying a one-on-one conversation in a quiet settng.
Conversation in Noise
Preset program for reducing background noise to better isolate and understand speech.
QuietPreset program allows for natural hearing and few enhancements in low noise environments
SpeechProAdvanced programing allows the use of only one microphone on each hearing aid to improve your ability to understand speech coming from any direction.YSpeechZone 2SpeechZone
Speech Locator
Uses microphones in each instrument to determine which direction speech is coming from.
Speech FocusTargets speech coming from any direction regardless of which direction you are facing while maintaining awareness of sounds around you; particularly useful in the car.Y
Spatial Awareness
Actively samples the listening environment to determining where speech is originating.Dynamic
Speech Enhancement
Advanced noise management that more effectively filters out extraneous ambient noise.Y
Frequency Compression
Amplifies even the highest frequency speech sounds for better distinction of hard-to-understand words up to the 12kHz high-frequency range.YYYYY
Streaming ProgramsAutomatically adjusts the volume of streaming media such as music depending on the level of background noise.YYYYY
Wind controlMicroprocessors sample your environment reducing wind noise.YYYYY
Pinna Effect
Helps localize sounds coming from any direction regardless of which direction you are facing so you can turn to face the sounds you are interested in.YYYY
Adaptive Directionality
Digital signal processor provides tight focus on the sounds you want to concentrate on.MultibandMultibandMultiband
Supports optional rechargeable batteries and charger.YYY
Binaural Phone
Synchronizes your instruments while using a landline phone to listen in both ears simultaneously
Direct Connectivity
Connect to and stream directly from iPhone and Android smartphones.
Tinnitus maskerReduces ringing in the ears with generated tones or ocean wave sounds enabling you to concentrate in quiet situations.YYY
AntiShock 2
Isolates and softens sudden, annoying noises for a more pleasant listening experienceYYY
Feedback managerAutomatically searches for and eliminates feedback whistling for greater peace of mindYYY
Log it All
Records data like program usage and microphone modes so your Hearing Care Professional can better fine-tune your instrumentsYYYY
DuoLinkChanges made on one instrument will automatically communicated to the other so both are synchronized to the same settings.YYYY
NanocoatingSpecial coating on the instrument to enhance resistance to water, sweat and dust for improved durability.YYYY


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