Unitron N Moxi Fit Pro

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“State of the Art for Demanding, Active Lifestyles”

Unitron’s newest hearing aid models feature North, a powerful new technology with 2X the sound processing power of the ERA technology it replaces. Moxi Fit replaces the triangular shaped Moxi2 models with an updated case featuring stylish ergonomics and enhanced sound processor protection. Fit is a RIC hearing aid and comes with an onboard button that can be configured for volume or environmental program selection. Unitron designed the Fit model to be small enough to be inconspicuous yet offer the wearer the option of manual control. Moxi Pro is the top performance level designed for active people who spend an above average amount of time in jobs that demand highly skilled listening environments which can involve background or crowd noise.

Custom Specifications Include

  • Memories – Sound Navigation in 7 environments
  • Volume Control – Programmable Button; Volume or Program
  • On-Board Control Type – Push Button
  • Directional Microphones – Yes, 360 degree processing SpeechZone
  • Telecoil – Easy-T Telecoil; Binaural phone
  • Aid-to-Aid Communication – Yes, DuoLink
  • Bluetooth Capable – Yes, with optional uStream or uDirect3

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