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You can still get batteries, accessories and tubes and domes (if applicable) for this product. At Precise Hearing we are here to help even though the hearing aid, itself, has been discontinued.


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The information below was current when this hearing aid was introduced but now is out-of-date. If interested, you can see why this was innovative in its day. Use the link above to discover the great hearing aid products that have now replaced it.



Audeo MINI IX is a top-end CRT solution. It incorporates the premium innovations of the CORE audio-processing platform and expands the ability to hear throughout the full spectrum of sounds. If size and cosmetics are important the Audeo MINI IX is the perfect choice. The Audeo MINI IX, for ultimate performance.

For an unsurpassed CRT solution Phonak introduces Audeo MINI IX. It displays superlative functionality to support hearing loss because it provides premium levels of SoundFlow Premium, SoundRelax, and VoiceZoom from within the CORE audio-processing platform.

Inclusive to a fitting range that meets the needs for mild to severe hearing loss, SoundRecover increases the ability to hear throughout the entire range of sounds. Audeo MINI IX by Phonak is an exceptional hearing aid, reaching above & beyond the requirements needed to improve hearing.

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