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You can still get batteries, accessories and tubes and domes (if applicable) for this product. At Precise Hearing we are here to help even though the hearing aid, itself, has been discontinued.


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The information below was current when this hearing aid was introduced but now is out-of-date. If interested, you can see why this was innovative in its day. Use the link above to discover the great hearing aid products that have now replaced it.



Eleva, Phonak extends its Digital Bionics based product generation.
Eleva will change your expectation of what a mid range hearing system offers.

By choosing Eleva, you will be getting a sensible choice, which delivers a substantial increase in hearing performance. The ideal balance between performance and price, Eleva takes you to a new level of advantages and convenience.

To truly transform the current hearing landscape, a hearing system needs to offer a range of unique features that make it:
    • Intuitive by adapting to sound environments & hearing needs
    • Responsive to ensure optimal speech understanding
    • Smart in terms of design & fitting Transforming the hearing landscape

Unique to Phonak, our multi-base approach ensures an automatically activated, dedicated program for different listening situations. With Eleva, multi-base automatic is now available. Intuitive adaptation takes flight.

For more technical and lifestyle information about hearing aids click here to view our General Information page.

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