Sonic Innovations Captivate 100


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Sonic Innovations Captivate 100

Sonic Innovations Captivate 100 is the premium-level hearing aid of the Captivate line. Captivate uses the SoundDNA technology platform that provides a high level of automation and flexibility no matter what the listening situation. SoundDNA technology includes Adaptive Feedback Canceller Pro and can be combined with the optional convenience of Lithium-Ion rechargeability.

Sonic Captivate also includes the SoundLink 2 App to turn your smartphone into remote control for your hearing aids.

Captivate is offered in 3 different technology levels

  • Captivate 100 – Premium with 15 Fitting bands
  • Captivate 80 – Advanced with 14 Fitting bands
  • Captivate 60 – Standard with 12 Fitting bands

It also is available in 4 different styles

  • miniRITE – Receiver in Canal with size 312 battery.
  • miniRITE T – Receiver-in-Canal with Telecoil and Size 312 battery.
  • miniRITE T R – Receiver-in-Canal with Telecoil and Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery.
  • BTE 105 – Behind-the-Ear, earhook style, with size 13 battery.

Sonic Innovations Captivate 100 also has a complete line of 2.4 GHz bluetooth accessories to enhance your connected lifestyle including:

  • SoundClip-A – streams sound in stereo
  • Phone Adapter 2 – hands-fee streaming from landline phones
  • TV-A Adapter – plays TV audio directly to hearing aids
  • RC-A Remote – pocket remote adjusts volume and programs of hearing aids

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Technology LevelCaptivate 100Captivate 80Captivate 60
Open Fit TypeYesYesYes
Technology LevelPremiumAdvancedStandard
Volume ControlYes, Rocker SwitchYes, Rocker SwitchYes, Rocker Switch
On-Board Control TypeYes, Rocker SwitchYes, Rocker SwitchYes, Rocker Switch
Remote Control AvailableYesYesYes
Directional MicrophonesYesYesYes
Noise ReductionYesYesYes
Sudden Noise ProtectionYesYesYes
Wind Noise ProtectionYesYesYes
Feedback ManagementYesYesYes
Aid-to-Aid CommunicationYesYesYes
Wireless CapableYesYesYes
Smartphone ControlYesYesYes
Battery Size312, BTE 105 - Size 13312, BTE 105 - Size 13312, BTE 105 - Size 13
Warranty2 Year2 Year2 Year
Loss/Damage Warranty2 Year2 Year2 Year
Sonic Color Optionssonic captivate colors
Feature Comparison
Model Captivate 100Captivate 80Captivate 60
Signal ProcessingUses software algorithms and the computer processor to convert analog sound signals to digital signals so they can be easily manipulated.Speech Variable Processing
SmartCompressAmplifies low intensity sounds more than higher intensity sounds for better word recognition.10 options6 options2 options
Frequency BandwidthEnables sampling of incoming sounds and fitting / adjustments up to this high-frequency level.10 kHz8 kHz8 kHz
Phoneme FocusFast compression allows a system to rapidly apply gain to low-level phonemes (consonants) and then immediately reduce gain for high-level phonemes (vowels) that follow.YYY
Envelope FocusUses slow time constants (slow compression) which adjusts amplification based on the long term average changes of the auditory environmentYYY
Extended Dynamic RangeProvides for better live music listening experience.Y
Low Frequency EnhancementBoosts bass frequencies when listening to music.YYY
Frequency TransferConverts normally inaudible sounds into a range that a hearing-impaired person is capable of hearing.YYY
Adaptive Feedback Canceller ProReduces squealing from feeding back into the microphones at high volume levels.YYY
SPiN Noise ReductionA quick working algorithm that finds a sound’s source and modulation rates. Due to its speed it can preserve speech and reduce noise.4 options4 options3 options
SPiN EngageCoordinates the onset of directionality and noise reduction as the SNR fluctuates in sixteen independent frequency bands. 4 options3 options2 options
Wind Noise ReductionTime spent outdoors will be more enjoyable because wind sounds won’t be amplified. The Wind Noise Reduction feature quickly sets the lowest frequencies to an optimal omni-directional response and applies maximum attenuation across all frequencies, providing instant relief.YYY
Soft Noise ReductionSoft Noise Reduction reduces these quiet but distracting sounds, like whirring fans or the soft rumble of a refrigerator, without modifying the amplification of important speech-related signals.YYY
Impulse Noise ReductionSoftens annoying and immediate loud sounds for a more comfortable listening experience4 options3 options3 options
SPiN DirectionalityAutomatically activates in response to noise sources. The system shifts direction as needed and applies the optimal directivity response.2 options: Hi/Med1 option: Med1 option: Med
True DirectionalityReproduces the manner in which low and high frequency sounds are propagated through the auditory system. As a result, sound is perceived as if naturally.Y
Fixed DirectionalityFocuses on speech coming from one direction so you can turn to face the speaker.YYY
Omni DirectionalityEnables you to focus on speech no matter which direction it is coming from.YYY
Volume and Program ChangeProgrammable push buttons enable you to select between programs and volume by merely pushing the button on one hearing aid.YYY
Binaural Noise ManagementSynchronizes actions between the left and right devices to reduce noise. For example, volume and program changes made on one device automatically occur on the other at the same time.YY
Non-Telephone Ear ControlReduces or mutes environmental sounds on your opposite phone ear for more focused telephone listening.YYY
Universal ProgramThe main program that can automatically adapt to most listening situations.YYY
Fitting BandsFrequency ranges that a hearing specialist can use to fine tune your hearing aids to your unique requirements.161412
EnvironmentsThe number of listening scenarios the hearing aid can choose from to find the best settings for speech clarity.1099
Manual Listening ProgramsThe number of pre-set programs you can choose from with a remote control or smartphone app.444
SmartMusic ProgramSelect this program for a more natural music listening experience.YYY
Airplane ProgramEnables you to disable Bluetooth communication at the appropriate time in the flight.Y
Data LoggingRecords usage statistics to help the hearing specialists understand how you are using the hearing aids and how to adjust them appropriately.YYY
Adaptation ManagerAutomatically chooses from a series of listening environments for better speech clarity.YYY
Tinnitus SoundSupportGenerates soothing sounds to minimize the impact of "ringing-in-the-ears".YYY


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