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uDirectâ„¢ by Unitron Hearing

A neck-worn device, uDirect is designed to be a reliable interface between Passportâ„¢ hearing instruments and Bluetoothâ„¢ enabled devices, wired audio input signals, or FM transmitted signals.

The benefits the uDirect brings are:

  • Clearer reception – by delivering signals directly to the hearing instruments, it reduces the distraction of other sounds
  • Clearer transmission – a built-in directional microphone transmits the wearer’s voice clearly
  • Binaural listening – delivers signals directly to both ears, eliminating environmental distractions and improving comprehension
  • Hands-free operation – cell phones and other wireless-enabled devices can be enjoyed without manual intervention
  • True, rich stereo sound quality – sound from external devices (i.e., MP3 players) are streamed in stereo
Hear TV more clearly
Couple the Unitron uDirect with the iCom/uDirect TV Package which includes the Voiis Stereo system to enjoy the convenience of wireless Bluetooth technology with your TV.
NOTE: This device must be paired with your hearing aids in order to function correctly. Please consult a hearing professional in your local area for further assistance.

uDirect is compatible with:

  • Passport and Latitude BTE HP
  • Passport and Latitude BTE
  • Passport and Latitude Moxi 13
  • Passport and Latitude Moda 13

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