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Our Philosophy
Why buy from PreciseHearing.com?
Why are our prices so low?

Our Philosophy

Hearing is about relationships.

Laughter. Long talks. Short chats. Beautiful songs and heart rending music. Hearing is about happiness.

Our vision is to see people live happier lives with better relationships. That’s why we’re here: to provide the best prices on hearing aids anywhere. We want you to be able to hear better, so we’ve worked diligently to offer you top of the line hearing aids at affordable prices.

Customer Service
Because we believe in relationships, we boast the most helpful, friendly, honest, and patient customer service around. Call us at 1-800-301-3137 to experience just how incredible our customer service really is. You will not be disappointed.

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Why buy from PreciseHearing.com?

You’ll spend less.

You will save anywhere from $800 to $2500 on a pair of hearing aids when compared to buying from a local hearing aid provider.

You’ll experience incredible service.
No one can compare to our service. We have a responsive, knowledgeable, and reliable staff. Complaints are not common for us, but when we get them, our customers can be assured they are being served in the highest professionalism and in the quickest fashion.

We’re experts.
Our programmers are experienced, licensed, and knowledgeable professionals. They do an excellent job making sure your hearing aids are programmed to your specific needs.

You can buy with confidence.
We offer new, brand-name hearing aids with full manufacturer warranties including parts and labor. Plus, we have a 45-day, money-back guarantee to ensure that you are fully satisfied with your purchase.

We’re real people.
You can call us and we’ll actually talk to you. We work carefully to bring you better hearing at the best price and best fit. We’ll treat you as if you were here in person, because helping people hear better is our only business.

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Why are our prices so low?
We strive to bring you hearing aids at a lower cost with less difficulty because we believe you deserve to hear well. To do this, we’ve done something that isn’t ordinary the only way we knew how to do it. Keep reading below to see how we have worked to bring you the best prices to meet your hearing needs.

Hearing Aids: Unbundled.
The Old Way:
When you buy hearing aids from a local store, you are paying for more than just the device. You also pay for the personal service, the fitting, the warranty, programming, covered repairs – everything in a tidy bundle. Whether or not you use all the “extras” that come with a hearing aid, you pay for them. Included is a premium based on the average amount of time providers spend with each customer at the doctor’s hourly going rate (about $100 US an hour). This is a fair practice, but we think there is a better way.

The New Way:
When you buy from us, we boil it down to just the essentials. We give you only what you need and work to provide it to you efficiently. Because of this, we don’t have to charge as much. You still get the hearing aid, the warranty, the guarantee, the programming, and covered repairs. We also provide you with information on how to correctly wear your hearing aid. Technology is becoming so advanced that the device does most of the work for you. You put the aids into your ear, hear better, and save $800 to $2500 on a pair of hearing aids. Ask yourself, “is it really worth it?” We think so.

So there you have it…our philosophy of business and how we operate. You may be asking yourself, “Why do they want me to know how their business works?” The answer: Because it makes sense. We want to be completely honest with you so that you can shop with security and confidence. We figure that once you understand how our business works, you’ll choose us.

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