Signia Streamline Mic


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The Signia Streamline Mic is a Bluetooth device that is compatible with all Signia/Siemens NX hearing aids. It enables your Signia NX devices to receive high-quality streaming from nearly all Bluetooth-enable devices including both Android and Apple instruments. This opens up a whole world of new convenient opportunities for those wearing Signia NX hearing aids. For example;

  • hands-free mobile headset allows to accept phone calls without needing to pull their phone out of their pocket
  • wireless headphones for high-quality streaming audio directly into their hearing aids
  • remote microphone for hearing assistance in challenging noisy environments
  • can be paired with Signia’s myControl app for maximum convenience

The StreamLine Mic is battery operated and can provide up to 6hrs of use before needing a full 2hr charge via USB. It can be paired with a maximun of 8 Bluetooth devices at the same time, however only one bluetooth source can be in use at a time.

Compatible Hearing Aids include, but are not limited to;

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