Zinc Air Hearing Aid Batteries – Size 10A (Yellow)


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Premium Longest Life Zinc Air Hearing Aid Batteries at 57 cents per battery! Best Price On The Best Batteries! Box comes with 10 cards of four batteries. Zinc Air Batteries have less than 2% power loss per year when stored at room temperature.

Please note: The manufacturer of the zinc air batteries suggests that once you take the tab off of the battery, allow 2 – 5 minutes before closing the battery door on your hearing aid for maximum usage.

The Zinc Air Battery
Works through a chemical process using oxygen-activated zinc and an alkaline electrolyte. The advantages of a zinc air battery include a steady delivery of voltage, good shelf life, and low cost. In addition, zinc air batteries have a high level of energy compared to their size.

Zinc air batteries produce electrochemical energy by using oxygen straight from the air. The cathode is compact yet at the same time has an almost unlimited capacity and achieves high energy densities due to the additional volume available for the zinc anode.

Mercury Free!
All of our batteries are Mercury Free for your protection.

PreciseHearing offers the best hearing aid batteries available at a great price!

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