Siemens Pure Micon Hearing Aid Battery Charger


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This Pure charger works for the newest Pure Micon Models only: Pure Mi 501 and Pure Mi 701.

Please note this charger does not work for the older Pure hearing aids.


With the Pure Micon easy-to-use charger, the instruments work all day on a single night’s charge. Imagine the freedom of not having to worry about batteries. That’s the freedom and convenience the Pure Micon rechargeable feature offers you. The stylish, intelligent Pure Micon charger is simple to operate. Just place the instruments in the charger – up to two instruments at a time. They don’t even have to be turned off because the charger does this automatically. It also charges the instruments intelligently, indicating if the wearer has attempted to charge the instruments with non-rechargeable batteries, or has reversed the polarity of the batteries in the instruments. In addition to AquaProtect, the Pure Micon charger provides a drying function that removes moisture from the instruments. So you can have even greater peace of mind. After just five hours of charging, the charger shuts itself off and the hearing instruments are ready to run for a full day and evening. Price includes charger and one pair of rechargeable batteries.

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