Doorknock 400


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The new and improved Doorknock signaler can now be used as a security device! When someone touches the door knob, the signaler will flash! It can be used in one-room apartments, dorms, offices, hotels… anywhere. Its size makes it great for travel. The light flashes when someone knocks at the door. Use it as a flashlight too.

    • Door chime or door alarm (105 dB)
    • Flashlight with ultra bright LED
    • Double sensor: vibration sensor when hanging over the top of the door (bracket included), and electrostatic sensor when hanging on the door knob.
    • HIGH/LOW sensitivity selector
    • ALARM/OFF/CHIME switch
    • FLASHLIGHT ON/OFF switch
    • Battery low indicator
    • Operates with 3 AA batteries (not included)
    • 6V DC power jack (AC adapter sold separately)

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