Krown 100


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The latest in Krown technology, Krown 100 is the most advanced TTY/TDD in the market!

The unit is compact, lightweight, portable and easy to use. The display has an 80 character, 2-line display. It’s everything you need for home or office. This device comes with Fast Type for a “real-time” conversation. Fast Type speed goes to 110 baud for a professional typist or automatically go back down to 45.5 baud (American standard), if the other TTY doesn’t have the same feature. With interrupt function, conversation with Fast Type will be more natural than the regular Baudot. It’s supported by most of States Relay services

    • Caller ID*
    • Auto Answer
    • Telephone Directory
    • One Time, One-Step Setup Program
    • One-Step Touch (911, Emergency, Ambulance, Fire, Police)
    • 24-column printer with three print sizes
    • One Step Touch Relay
    • 80 Characters Display
    • 3 Message Buffers
    • Outgoing Messages
    • Date/Time Clock Calendar
    • On/Off Printer Switch
    • Interrupt
    • Remote Message Retrieval
    • Pulse/Tone Dial
    • Direct Connect
    • Acoustic Cups to Fit Round and Square Handsets
    • Call Alert
    • 32K Memory
    • Lower and Upper Case on Display and Paper
    • International Speed
    • Programmable Electronic Voice
    • GA-SK Keys
    • Heavy Duty Rechargeable Battery

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