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Siemens miniTek remote – the Wireless Enhancement System.

You can go wireless with Siemens miniTek remote, connecting your hearing aids to all of your wireless devices. The miniTek can connect to 2 phones at once. When fully charged it offers 5 hours of streaming or several days as a remote.

Using the new miniTek remote with compatible Siemens Pure, Pure Carat, Motion, Aquaris and Life open ear hearing aids:

The miniTek no longer requires you to wear it around your neck for usage. It comes with a transmitter that can be attached to a TV or other audio generating devices. You can also purchase one additional transmitter for use with another TV.

Audio Using the Transmitter: A small transmitter is included with the miniTek. It has a rechargeable battery and a power cord so you can leave it connected to the TV for long periods of time. You can link 2 transmitters, which allows you mulitple connections to TV’s and stereos. You are also able to adjust the sound level on your transmitter.

Included in the box: the miniTek, the Transmitter, a Clip (which can be used on your lapel) and a Lanyard.

There are a couple of things prospective customers should be aware of:

    • You need to be somewhat tech savvy to pair a BlueTooth phone with the miniTek.
    • The Tek is not much bigger than a sugar pack.

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