Siemens Artis 2 S


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ARTIS – A higher level of binaural performance.

Binaural fittings (wearing hearing instruments in both ears) have always held great promise for individuals with hearing loss. They offer improved sound quality, better speech understanding,and more comfort. You can now benefit from e2e wirelessâ„¢ “ear-to-ear” technology, the latest advancement in binaural hearing systems.

Until now, binaural fittings have meant two separate hearing instruments, each working independently. But ARTISâ„¢ with e2e wirelessâ„¢ is different. Both ARTIS e2e wireless instruments work together as a single, unified system. They continuously analyze sound input and automatically adjust to optimally enhance your listening experience. Control of ARTIS with e2e is completely automatic. There is no need to adjust or balance one hearing instrument, then the other, to keep both in sync.

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