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Life 5 Micon offers a more simple and easy to maintain hearing aid with a powerful 32 channels. It is the smallest standard behind the ear hearing aid in the Siemens product range.

Siemens’ newly released Micon Chip Platform has added twice the computing power to Siemens’ Best Sound technology. Frequency range has been extended to 12,000 Hz. Micon leads the industry with an 32 channels in the 5mi performance level. Life Micon allows onboard control with a push button for user control of programs. Aid to aid communication makes it possible for one hearing aid to control program selection in both hearing aids. Life Micon has a tinnitus masking program with masking signals that can be programmed for individual needs. Siemens Life Micon is a small, non-RIC (Receiver-In-Canal) open ear BTE hearing aid. By keeping all the electronics in the case including the receiver (speaker) Life is an excellent choice for people with excessive ear wax, discharge from the ear, or other reasons a RIC hearing aid is not an option. Life Micon is now available in two performance levels; 5mi and 7mi. The 7mi will perform better in above average amounts of background noise than the 5mi. Both models are capable of using Siemens wireless device, the Mini TeK, for connecting to BlueTooth enabled phones, TV audio, and remote microphones capabilities. A nanocoating is applied to the case the electronics are housed in to make water bead up and drip off. Life Micon can fit more hearing loss than previous models. Submit a current audiogram for a free evaluation of your hearing loss and see how the new Siemens Life Micon models will work for you.

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