Financing Your High End Hearing Aids

(Pay for your hearing aids over time)

Your hearing is important. Restoring it with high-quality digital hearing aids is an investment in your life that can be difficult at times to afford. But there is an option to get medical care credit, in the form of a CareCredit® credit card, to get your hearing aids now and pay for them over time.

With CareCredit, there are two options for purchasing the hearing aids that will best suit your needs: 1) Every transition using your CareCredit account is eligible to get a “No Interest If Paid Within a Promotional Period” promotion or, if not that, 2) a “Low Interest Payment Plan.”

CareCredit can be used at thousands of healthcare providers who accept CareCredit healthcare credit – and specifically can be used to purchase any hearing aids from Precise Hearing.

And with CareCredit you can get your discount high-end hearing aids for a low monthly payment. Depending on your needs and the monthly amount you can pay, you can:

• Get your hearing aids immediately.
• Pay low monthly payments.
• Get special no-interest deals if you are eligible.
• Get approved quickly.
• And reuse your CareCredit account without reapplying (pending approval of credit).

Two plans are available through CareCredit:

No Interest and Low Interest

The 6, 12 and 18-month No-Interest plan is available as long as you pay the low minimum monthly payment every month on time. In concert with that, you would need to pay off the balance within the 6, 12 or 18-month period for which you were accepted.

The 24, 36, 48 or 60-month Low-Interest plan is available for as low as 14.9% APR, meaning your monthly payments, including interesting can remain quite low.

For specific details on what plans or amounts are available for your needs, please contact CareCredit directly at: (866) 893-7864; or online at:

Frequently Asked Questions About Getting Hearing Aids With CareCredit

How does CareCredit work?

CareCredit is a credit card to use for healthcare costs not usually covered by insurance. Like any other credit card, you make monthly payments. CareCredit can be used for many out-of-pocket expenses including co-payments, deductibles and even elective procedures.

Will my CareCredit credit card also cover my family?

Yes. Your CareCredit account covers your entire family and even pets in need of veterinary care without the need to apply again each time (subject to approval).

Can using CareCredit create problems with my regular health insurance?

It will not. No. CareCredit is not insurance and will not cause problems with existing insurance. CareCredit is like other credit cards except that it is just for healthcare and has better interest rates and great specials if you qualify.

How quickly can I use my CareCredit account – do I need to wait for the card?

You do not need to wait. As soon as you are approved you can use it to purchase the hearing aids you need to care for your hearing loss. You will still receive your card in the mail within three weeks.

Is my personal information used to get CareCredit secure and confidential?

Absolutely. Your information is strictly confidential, and CareCredit guarantees it.

How can I make payments on my balance?

CareCredit will send you monthly statements, just like any other credit card. You can pay by check, money order or pay online at

Does CareCredit have live customer service?

Yes. You can call their Customer Support representatives to assist you with questions, concerns or general information at (866) 893-7864.

(Use it, don’t lose it)

Flex Plans
A Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or often known as a Flexible Medical Spending Account is most often offered by employers to allow employees to have pre-tax income taken out and saved on their behalf for use paying for medical services otherwise not covered by insurance.

For example, if after insurance has paid the major part of a medical procedure, but you are still left with a sizable deduction or co-payment, your Flex Plan can be used to pay the balance. Because hearing aids often are not covered under most insurance company rules, a Flex Account becomes a great alternative for those in need of getting the best, high-end digital hearing aids to restore their ability to hear better.

The downside to a Flex Account is it usually needs to be used within a set period of time, normally within the calendar year. Because of that, as the holidays begin in November and lead up to the Christmas season, those who might otherwise find their budgets tighten can use Flex Account savings to purchase hearing aids without cutting into other budget needs.

And, in an important reminder, many find they have thousands in their accounts toward the end of the year, so the holiday season, up and until New Years, is one of the best times to use your medical savings rather than have their money disappear in the new year.

Thus, if you have a Flexible Spending Account – a Flex Plan – consider using it to get the top-of-the-line hearing aids that will add clarity, control, programmability and ease of use as they do far more than simply make everything louder, including all the background noise and, consequently, the greater risk of feedback (that squealing noise cheaper hearing aids often emit).

If you have already used up your current year’s Flex Plan, it is good to note that many, if not most, Flex Plans are set (you decide how much to be put into the account throughout the year) and allow you to ‘borrow’ against them even within days of a Flex Plan’s yearly renewal.

For more information on what is available to you if you have a Flex Plan, please contact your employer or the party responsible for managing your account.


Get your needed hearing aids today using CareCredit or a Flex Plan. With these options, there is no need to pay out of pocket for something that will be very needed during the holidays – the ability to hear your family.

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