Miracell – Relief For Ears .5 fl oz.


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Research and Professional Training, Has Found A “Must Have” Product
For All Hearing Aid Users

Dr. Chartrand reports that MiraCell, a blend of highly concentrated natural plant extracts, can effectively replace Oto-Eze and Eargene plus a host of other products. He notes that some make fair lubricants, but offer no anti-bacterial or tissue-friendly properties. Others are harsh to the tissue, can cause elicit lymphatic reflex (swelling) and also feed yeasts and fungi that often harbor in the disturbed ear canal.

Segment 1: Itching, Irritated Ears :

    • MiraCell is a proven, safe, all-natural botanical solution to help develop and maintain healthy ears.
    • MiraCell is gentle to the ear, and lubricates without starving skin cells of oxygen.
    • MiraCell reduces the possibility of discomfort caused by unhealthy ears.
    • MiraCell has mild antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-yeast properties.
    • MiraCell will soften ear wax for easier removal and less damage to the keratin layer of skin in the ear canal.
    • When used daily, MiraCell not only helps maintain healthy ears but also skin in general.

Segment 2: To Give You More Comfort Wearing Hearing Aids: To prepare for new hearing instruments:

    • Pour a generous amount of MiraCell directly into ear canal
    • Block excess from coming out with a small wad of tissue at the entrance of the ear canal
    • After about 20-30 minutes discard the tissue
    • Do this for 7-10 days before your new hearing aids arrive for current hearing aid users
    • Place one drop or less on your fingertip, rub finger and thumb together to thin it out
    • Apply directly to the outside of the hearing instrument shell
    • Do not get MiraCell in any openings on either end of the hearing instrument

Good Ear Care Rules to Follow

Max S. Chartrand, PhD

    • Never insert more than 1/3 of a Q-tips into the ear canal.
    • Never scrape the sides of the ear canal with Q-tips.
    • Avoid using boric acid, hydrogen peroxide, acetic acid solutions in your ears as much as possible.
    • Ask for a video otoscopy exam by your doctor or healthcare professional periodically.
    • To get water out of the ear, simply pull back and downward on the outer ear (pinna) (rather than using Q-tips.)
    • Use MiraCell botanical solution to prepare ears for new hearing aids.
    • Use MiraCell to soften earwax before removal.
    • Maintain ears by using MiraCell once per week (at night) if you swim, wear hearing aids or change altitudes often.

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