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    Can I trust Precise Hearing when making my hearing aid purchase?  
    Can I really get a quality hearing aid online?
    Why are Digital Hearing Aids so expensive?
    Why do hearing aid prices vary so much?

Can I trust Precise Hearing when making my hearing aid purchase?

A hearing aid purchase is a big decision. That is why you have a 45-day money-back guarantee to be satisfied with your hearing aid purchase with no restocking fee.

We make a point of talking to each hearing aid customer to make sure that your selection is your best option. If we don’t feel that we can satisfy your needs we will do our best to refer you to a better solution.

Your guarantee is backed by over 16 years of service on the web, over 25 years in the hearing industry and literally thousands of very satisfied customers.

Can I really get a quality hearing aid online?

Hearing aid technology has come a long way from the ear trumpet of 100 years ago. Digital technology has made fitting and wearing hearing aids much simpler. New technologies, especially open fit behind-the-ear (BTE) styles of hearing aids have opened the door to the ability to deliver superior performance more easily than ever. So not only can you get a quality hearing aid from us, but with the technology available today we can program them accurately to accommodate your particular hearing loss.

We sell factory-fresh hearing aids, and they carry the same manufacturer’s warranty as any reputable provider (often even longer).

Precise Hearing provides support throughout the fitting process. Once your audiogram is reviewed, we contact you to discuss your options. With your information and our expertise in helping individuals, you will receive the help you need to decide which hearing aids will best fit you, your lifestyle and your budget. We will do everything we can to help you feel secure in this process. That’s why we offer our 45-day money-back guarantee.

Why are digital hearing aids so expensive?

There are five major areas that make up the cost of hearing aids:

    Manufacturer costs
    Operating expenses
    Research & development costs
    Retailer mark-up to cover their expenses and profit margin
    The extra services traditional hearing aid providers charge for service packages – like “free appointments”

Some older-style hearing aids take a considerable level of service to fit a client – especially ones that fits inside the ear. There were generally several follow up appointments involved, so the provider would increase the cost of the hearing aids to include the cost of these appointments.

Now, with the advent of the open fit behind-the-ear (BTE) style hearing aid, fitting time and appointments are dramatically reduced. The only problem with this reduction is that most providers are still charging for multiple follow-up appointments. We can accomplish an excellent fitting in much less time and, as a result, do not charge for unlimited follow-ups. If there are additional problems, there may be additional charges, but the cost will still be less than an all-inclusive or “bundled” price.

Why do hearing aid prices vary so much?

Hearing aid manufacturers have focused on responding to consumer complaints about wind noise, sudden loud noises, changing environments and problems using telephones. Answering these issues has caused an explosion of technological advances in the hearing aid industry. As each advancement is added to a hearing aid, the cost goes up. Various manufacturers also have their own pricing structures.

The good thing is this technological advancement has also opened up possibilities for purchasers. You can buy aids with fewer “bells and whistles” and pay less, or you can beef up the options and pay more – a little like buying a car. Our commitment is to deliver hearing aids that will best suit your hearing loss, your budget and your lifestyle.

Things that will affect the price of hearing aids:

    Brand (Manufacturer)