Signia Cellion 5 Primax


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Signia Cellion 5 Primax

Signia Cellion 7 Primax hearing aids have been discontinued. Please see the replacement model, the Signia Pure Charge&Go X.

The information below is provided for reference purposes.

Signia Cellion 5 Primax hearing aids are the world’s-first lithium-ion inductive charged hearing aids. Because the Cellion hearing aid battery is completely integrated and sealed into the housing, the wearer no longer needs to worry about opening and closing small battery doors or fumbling with tiny batteries. Unlike other lithium-ion and silver-zinc rechargeable hearing aids, Signia Cellion 5 Primax has no charging contacts.This eliminates the hassle of exactly aligning the hearing aid inside a charger, making the entire system more reliable and convenient for wearers.

Once the hearing instruments are placed in the charger, they turn themselves off automatically and immediately begin to charge. When the instruments are removed, the hearing aids intuitively know to turn themselves back on. Cellion 5 Primax delivers up to 24 hours of continuous use on just 4 hours of charging – this enables up to two days’ normal usage with full wireless streaming.

Signia Cellion 5 Primax innovative programming and features use binaural technology to combine the input and processing power of a pair of instruments to allow you to hear more clearly in even the most challenging situations.

Signia continues a tradition of technological excellence with advanced features like automatic adaptive directionality, SpeechFocus, Tinnitus Management and discrete control from your iOS or Android based smartphone with the touchControl app.

Signia Cellion Primax hearing aids include a 3 year warranty PLUS loss and damage insurance. Also, each hearing aid purchase from Precise Hearing comes with a 45 day, 100% money back return policy – so your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Signia Cellion Primax includes the following technology features:

  • SpeechMaster – Offers better speech understanding by automatically reducing background noise and boosting the speaker’s voice.
  • TwinPhone – Sound is transmitted into both ears when using a non-Bluetooth (cordless or landline type) phone.
  • CROS/BiCROS Option– for those who have hearing in only one ear, but want better awareness of where sounds are coming from.
  • Wireless Connectivity– stream media directly from nearly all of your favorite gadgets like mobile phones, music players, tablets and TVs.

Signia Cellion Hearing Aids are also available in the following models;

Siemens / Signia Hearing Aid Accessories:

  • Siemens / Signia Cellion Primax Hearing Aid Battery Charger – FREE with purchase of pair, sold separately for $225
  • Siemens / Signia easyTek Streamer – $349
  • Siemens / Signia easyTek Streamer with TV Transmitter – $449
  • Siemens / Signia Easy Pocket remote – $175
  • Siemens / Signia Voice Link – $199

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    Technology Level 7px
    Digital Yes Yes
    Open Fit Type Yes, RIC Yes, RIC
    Channels 48 32
    Memories 6 6
    Technology Level Premium Advanced
    Volume Control Yes, Rocker Switch Yes, Rocker Switch
    On-Board Control Type Rocker Switch Rocker Switch
    Remote Control Available Yes Yes
    Directional Microphones Yes Yes
    Noise Reduction Yes Yes
    Sudden Noise Protection Yes Yes
    Wind Noise Protection Yes Yes
    Feedback Management Yes Yes
    Telecoil Yes Yes
    Aid-to-Aid Communication Yes Yes
    Wireless Capable Yes, with optional easyTek Yes, with optional easyTek
    Smartphone Control Yes Yes
    Rechargeable Yes, Integrated Lithium-Ion Yes, Integrated Lithium-Ion
    Battery Size Built In Built In
    Warranty 3 Year 3 Year
    Loss/Damage Warranty 3 Year 3 Year

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    Feature Comparison

    Model 7px
    Feature Advantages
    Channels/Handles Divides the audio spectrum into discrete parts giving precise adjustment and fine-tuning tailored to your specific needs. 48/20 32/16
    Number of Programs Allows you to designate specific settings to a particular program, such as “restaurant” 6 6
    HD Music Up to 3 preset programs (live, recorded, musician) for a fuller, richer music listening experience. 3 1
    Own Voice Processing OVP detects your own voice and adjusts automatically to provide clearer, sharper hearing in conversations. Y Y
    3D Classifier Uses a variety of cues from your environment, including your own movement, to provide better awareness of your surroundings and clearer speech understanding. Y Y
    SpeechMaster Offers better speech understanding by automatically reducing background noise and boosting the speaker’s voice. Y Y
    TwinPhone Sound is transmitted into both ears when using a non-Bluetooth (cordless or landline type) phone. Y Y
    Wireless CROS/BiCROS Transmitter only option for CROS/BiCROS fitting with e2e Wireless 3.0 Y Y
    EchoShield Reduces reflected sounds in larger rooms that have reverberation. Y
    Binaural OneMic directionality Advanced programing allows the use of only one microphone on each hearing aid to improve your ability to understand speech coming from any direction. Y
    Spatial SpeechFocus Targets speech coming from any direction regardless of which direction you are facing while maintaining awareness of sounds around you; particularly useful in the car. Y
    Extended Bandwidth Amplifies even the highest frequency speech sounds for better distinction of hard-to-understand words up to the 12kHz high-frequency range. Y
    Adaptive streaming volume Automatically adjusts the volume of streaming media such as music depending on the level of background noise. Y
    eWindscreen binaural Uses microprocessors in both instruments to communicate with each other to sample your environment reducing wind noise. Y
    SpeechFocus Targets speech coming from any direction regardless of which direction you are facing. Y Y
    SoundBrilliance™ Listen to your favorite music and hear every high note with crystaline clarity. Y Y
    Narrow directionality Digital signal processor provides super tight focus on the sounds you want to concentrate on. Y Y
    Directional Microphones Advanced microphones allow you to detect which direction speech is coming from. Y Y
    Rechargeable Uses internal, built-in Lithium-Ion battery technology to provide up to 24 hours of use on a single charge.
    e2e wireless 3.0 Synchronizes your instruments so they’re always working together Y Y
    Frequency Compression Can help improve speech understanding especially for those with high-frequency type hearing losses. Y Y
    TruEar™ Simulates natural acoustics, so you know whether sound is coming from in front of or behind you Y Y
    Directional Speech Enhancement Advanced noise management that more effectively filters out extraneous ambient noise. 3 steps On/Off
    Speech and Noise Management Steps Automatically reduces background noise while isolating and enhancing speech 7 5
    Directional Microphone Channels Lets you better hear the conversations you’re in by softening surrounding noises 48 32
    Tinnitus Management Reduces ringing in the ears with generated tones or ocean wave sounds enabling you to concentrate in quiet situations. Y Y
    SoundSmoothing™ Isolates and softens sudden, annoying noises for a more pleasant listening experience 3 steps 3 steps
    eWindscreen™ Monitors your environment for wind noise and automatically softens it 3 steps 3 steps
    Feeback Cancellation Automatically searches for and eliminates feedback whistling for greater peace of mind Y Y
    Learning Automatically learns and adapts to your volume preferences in different environments Y Y
    Data Logging Records data like program usage and microphone modes so your Hearing Care Professional can better fine-tune your instruments Y Y
    Wireless Connectivity Made for iPhone. Allows you to stream phone calls, music, TV and other media directly to your instruments. Y Y
    Nanocoating Special coating on the instrument to enhance resistance to water, sweat and dust for improved durability. Y Y
    touchControl App Controls your program settings and volume directly from cellphones using iOS or Android software. Y Y