Phonak & Unitron Domes


Factory Original Replacement Unitron/Phonak Domes

  • Please Note: Domes come in the Smokey color only

Comfortable and non-occluding! Use the Unitron/Phonak domes with Unitron and Phonak Tubes.

The Unitron/Phonak domes slide over the end of the ear canal end of the Tubes. Although the Domes fit snugly on the Tubes they are easy to get on and off.

  • To get the size you need, measure the widest diameter of dome in millimeters

Unitron/Phonak domes come five to a package (5) and are available in the following sizes:

  • Small Open – approximately 5mm in diameter
  • Medium Open (Most Common)- approximately 7mm in diameter
  • Large Open- approximately 10mm in diameter
  • Small Closed- approximately 5mm in diameter
  • Medium Closed- approximately 7mm in diameter
  • Large Closed- approximately 10mm in diameter
  • Tulip (for feedback control)
  • 9 mm power
  • 10 mm power
  • 11 mm power
  • Add $1.50 for Power Domes

Images are not actual size

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