ReSound Domes


ReSound Domes

Precise Hearing is your source for quality Resound Hearing Aid Parts including Tubes and Domes.

Resound Domes are comfortable and non-occluding! They will fit all Resound Sound, Thin and Flex Tubes to make a slim-tube Earmold.

The ReSound domes slide over the end of the ear canal end of the Tubes. Although the Domes fit snugly on the Tubes they are easy to get on and off.

  • To get the size you need, measure the widest diameter of dome in millimeters.

ReSound domes come five to a package (5) and are available in numerous diameter sizes:

Regular Domes

  • 5 mm
  • 7 mm (Most Common)
  • 10 mm

Power Domes

  • Power 9 mm (small)
  • Power 10 mm (medium)
  • Power 11 mm (large)

Tulip Domes

  • Tulip Short

Resound Domes are compatible with several manufacturers/hearing aid models including but not limited to the following;

  • ReSound Azure
  • ReSound Essence
  • ReSound Live 71, 771, 571, 81, 781, 581
  • ReSound Metrix
  • ReSound Pixel
  • ReSound Plus5
  • ReSound Silhouette
  • ReSound Sparx
  • ReSound Metrix MX70-DVI
  • Siemens Motion P
  • Siemens Motion SP
  • Siemens Touch
  • Rexton Accord HP
  • Rexton Arena 2HP
  • Rexton Bridge 12 HP
  • Rexton Bridge 12 P
  • Rexton Bridge 8 P
  • Rexton Day HP
  • Rexton Day P
  • Rexton Finesse HP
  • Rexton Insite P BTE
  • Rexton Targa Plus HP
  • Rexton Targa Plus P


  • Unitron Max Series


TipIt is recommended that hearing aid domes are changed every 3 months, more often if need be to ensure maximum performance. Domes can be removed from the tubing and cleaned separately. Before inserting into the ear be sure that the new dome is pushed firmly onto the tubing.

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