Signia Pure 7AX


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Signia Pure 7AX

The Signia Pure 7AX is the premium performance model built on Signia’s newest Augmented Xperience (AX) platform. Additionally, it is the first to be designed for use with two sound processors, one of which is tailored for speech and the other for all other types of audio.

For the majority of wearers, the end effect is a more comfortable listening experience with a notable improvement in speech understanding, especially in noisy environments. AX hearing aids appear to work substantially better than the prior X-platform versions, according to user and hearing healthcare professional reviews.

The battery operated model comes in 3 technology levels

  • 7AX – Premium Performance
  • 5AX – Advanced Performance
  • 3AX – Standard Performance

The Signia Pure 7AX uses a size 312 disposable battery. If you would rather have a rechargeable hearing aid, there is the Li-Ion powered Signia Pure Charge&Go 7AX

The Signia Pure 7AX has cutting-edge capabilities like Own Voice Processing, automatically adaptable directionality, SpeechFocus, Tinnitus Management, and the Signia App for changes via your smartphone. As well as, the ability to receive TeleCare (i.e, remote fine-tuning of your hearing aids by a hearing specialist). A Cros system is available which enables individuals who only have hearing on one side.

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    Technology Level 7AX 5AX 3AX
    Digital Yes Yes Yes
    Open Fit Type Yes, RIC Yes, RIC Yes, RIC
    Channels 48 32 24
    Memories 6 6 6
    Technology Level Premium Advanced Standard
    Volume Control Yes, Rocker Switch Yes, Rocker Switch Yes, Rocker Switch
    On-Board Control Type Yes, Rocker Switch Yes, Rocker Switch Yes, Rocker Switch
    Remote Control Available Yes - not needed if using the app Yes - not needed if using the app Yes - not needed if using the app
    Directional Microphones Yes Yes Yes
    Noise Reduction Yes Yes Yes
    Sudden Noise  Yes Yes Yes
    Wind Noise Yes Yes Yes
    Feedback  Yes Yes Yes
    Aid-to-Aid Communication Yes Yes Yes
    Wireless  Yes, iPhone, some Androids or use Streamline Mic accessory Yes, iPhone, some Androids or use Streamline Mic accessory Yes, iPhone, some Androids or use Streamline Mic accessory
    Rechargeable No No No
    Battery Size 312 312 312
    Warranty 3 Year 3 Year 3 Year
    Loss/Damage Warranty 3 Year 3 Year 3 Year
    Signia Color Options
    Feature Comparison
    Model 7AX 5AX 3AX
    Feature Advantages
    Channels/Handles Divides the audio spectrum into discrete parts giving precise adjustment and fine-tuning tailored to your specific needs. 48/20 32/16 24/12
    Number of Programs Allows you to designate specific settings to a particular program, such as "restaurant" 6 6 6
    HD Music Up to 3 preset programs (live, recorded, musician) for a fuller, richer music listening experience. 3 1 1
    Own Voice Processing OVP detects your own voice and turns your voice down to provide clearer, sharper hearing in conversations. Y Y Y
    YourSound Technology Uses motion sensors and cues from your environment, including your own movement, to provide better awareness of your surroundings and more natural sound with better speech understanding. Y Y Y
    Extended Bandwidth Increases highest frequency speech sounds for better understanding Y
    Adaptive streaming volume Automatically adjusts the volume when streaming, depending on the level of background noise. Y
    Spatial SpeechFocus Targets speech coming from any direction while maintaining your awareness of sounds around you; particularly useful in the car. Y Y
    Automatic sensors Separates speech from surroundings to create a better understanding in conversations. Y Y Y
    Frequency Compression Can help improve speech understanding especially for those with high-frequency losses. Y Y Y
    Speech and Noise  Automatically reduces background noise while enhancing speech. 7 5 3
    Tinnitus Therapy Program Matching or masking sounds to help you in quiet situations or at all times. Y Y Y
    SoundSmoothing™ Softens sudden, annoying noises for a more pleasant listening experience. 3 steps 3 steps On/Off
    Wind Protection Adjust automatically for wind noise. 3 steps 3 steps On/Off
    Feedback  Eliminates whistling. Y Y Y
    Data Logging Allows the Hearing Care Professional to better fine-tune your instruments. Y Y Y
    Tap Control Allows you to stream phone calls with just a tap on your hearing aid Y Y Y
    Direct Streaming to iPhone Made for iPhone. Allows you to connect directly to your phone, music, TV and other media directly from your iPhone. (Android phones require the StreamLine Mic as an intermediary device). Y Y Y
    TeleCare Allows for remote fine-tuning services. Y Y Y
    Signia App Allows you to control settings and volume as well as Well being options Y Y Y