Siemens Click Receiver Tubes


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NOTE: These receivers replace the Siemens Receiver Tubes. Also, these tubes REQUIRE the Siemens Click Domes (listed below).

  • The higher the number on the tube, the longer the tubing will be. If you currently have tubes, the size you need will be printed in blue or red on the end where the dome connects. (You may need a magnifying glass and good lighting to see this)

Siemens Receivers will work with the following manufacturers:

  • Siemens
    • Siemens Centra Active
    • Siemens Cielo and Cielo 2 Active
    • Siemens Pure 300, 500, and 700
    • Siemens Pure 101, 301, 501, and 701
    • Siemens Pure 301 XCEL, 501 XCEL, and 701 XCEL
    • Siemens Pure Carat 101, 301, 501, and 701
    • Siemens Pure Carat 301 XCEL, 501 XCEL, and 701 XCEL
    • Charge & Go NX (7, 5)
    • Pure BT NX (7, 5, 3)
    • Pure BT PX (7, 5, 3)
    • Pure PX (7, 5, 3)
    • Cellion PX (7, 5, 3)
    • Ace PX (7, 5, 3)
  • Rexton
    • Rexton Cobalt
    • Rexton Gem
    • Rexton Onyx
  • Miracle-Ear
    • ME- 1
    • ME- 2
    • ME- 3
    • ME- 4
  • Hansaton
    • Hansaton AQ Comfort
    • Hansaton AQ Business
    • Hansaton AQ First

Siemens click receivers are sold individually or as pairs. When ordering please choose which side and size you require.

You will also need to select which decibel (dB) level you need. If you currently have receiver tubes, you can decipher the decibel level you will need by looking at the end where the receiver connects to the dome. On the tubing itself there will be a number as well as a letter. The number correlates to the length of the tube, and the letter indicates the decibel level you will need.

  • If you have an “S” you will need a 45 dB. (Most Common)
  • If you have an “M” you will need a 55 dB.
  • If you have a “P” you will need a 65 dB (requires an earmold)

PLEASE NOTE: you will need to get your hearing aid reprogrammed if you choose a decibel level different from what your hearing aid was originally programmed.

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