Siemens Wax Guards


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Eight (8) pack of Siemens WAX GUARDS for mini Receiver-In-Canal (RIC) hearing aids that use Siemens Click Domes and Siemens Receiver Tubes such as the models listed below. Precise Hearing recommends that you follow the instructions included with these replacement filters. Please consult a hearing aid professional if you have any doubts as to the size thin tube, dome tip, or wax filter required for your hearing aid.

Precise Hearing also recommends changing Wax Guards at least once every 6 weeks, therefore a pack of is expected to last for approximately a year. Keep in mind that each person is different and some may produce wax quicker than others. Therefore, be sure to check your hearing aids regularly for excessive wax buildup and be sure to change the Wax Guards as needed.

This is a partial list of hearing aids that require Siemens Click Receiver Tubes  or Siemens Micon Receiver Tubes and would be compatible with Siemens Wax Guards:

  • Siemens
    • Siemens Centra Active
    • Siemens Cielo and Cielo 2 Active
    • Siemens Pure 300, 500, and 700
    • Siemens Pure 101, 301, 501, and 701
    • Siemens Pure 301 XCEL, 501 XCEL, and 701 XCEL
    • Siemens Pure Carat 101, 301, 501, and 701
    • Siemens Pure Carat 301 XCEL, 501 XCEL, and 701 XCEL
    • Siemens Pure Micon
    • Siemens Ace Micon
  • Rexton
    • Rexton Cobalt
    • Rexton Gem
    • Rexton Onyx
  • Miracle-Ear
    • ME- 1
    • ME- 2
    • ME- 3
    • ME- 4


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