Phonak Audeo Smart & Mini Receiver Tubes


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Phonak Audeo Smart/Mini Receivers will work with the Audeo Smart and Audeo Mini hearing aids as well as the Audeo Q and Naida Q series hearing aids:

These receivers come as Regular and Power receivers. Use the pictures below to help you select which ends match what you have and then be sure to make your selection above regarding strength.

  • The higher the number on the tube, the longer the tubing will be. If you currently have tubes, the size you need will be printed in blue or red on the end where the dome connects. (You may need a magnifying glass and good lighting to see this)

This tube fits the following hearing aids:
  • Phonak:
    • Phonak Audeo Mini Series
    • Phonak Audeo Smart Series
    • Phonak Audeo Q Series
    • Phonak Audeo V Series
    • Phonak Brio
    • Phonak Naida Q Series





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