Precise Hearing 206


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“Entry Level Digital”

For Hearing Loss: Noticeable to Significant

The Precise Hearing 206 is an affordable hearing aid specifically designed for people on a tight budget that are looking for outstanding value in an FDA approved digital hearing aid. For the price, there is not a better hearing aid on the market! Not only is it a low cost answer for hearing loss in the Noticeable to Significant range, but it is also works great as an inexpensive back-up hearing aid to supplement your current hearing aid set.

It features an Optimized Digital Sound Processor (DSP), noise cancellation and an easy to use rocker switch that offers both volume and program control (Quiet Mode or Noise Mode) at the touch of a finger. The Precise Hearing 206 is a true digital hearing aid that has proven its reliability time after time.

Need a bit more power? If so, please add the POWER UPGRADE to your hearing aid. The power upgrade consists of an ear-hook and thicker tubing to provide you with increased sound input.

  • Peak OSPL90 (dB SPL) — 132 dB
  • HFA OSPL 90 (dB SPL) — 129 dB
  • Peak Gain (dB) — 45 dB
  • Reference Test Gain (dB) — 35 dB
  • HFA full on Gain (dB) — 38 dB
  • Total Harmonic Distort @ 500 Hz — 3%
  • Total Harmonic Distort @ 800 Hz — 3%
  • Total Harmonic Distort @ 1600 Hz — 3%
  • EQ Input Noise (dB) — 30
  • Battery Current (mA) — 1.0
  • Frequency Range (Hz) — 200 – 5500
  • Long Lasting Battery Size — 13

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