Hearing Aids You Can Adjust Easily, Anywhere

Imagine how nice it would be if you could eliminate the office visits and make fine-tuned adjustments to your hearing aids at home, just by touching a button on your phone. Well, we have good news: The new and improved Signia hearing aids (both X and AX models) have made this possible.

The Signia Hearing Aid’s myHearing App and Tele-care

With the Signia Hearing Aid’s free myHearing App, you can communicate with someone like your hearing healthcare provider from the comfort of your home. Rather than making an office visit, a remotely located tele-care professional can help you to customize your hearing experience.

Here’s how simple it is to take advantage of tele-care for your ears:

  • Download Signia’s myHearing app from your app store (Android or iPhone).
  • Get the code from your hearing healthcare provider.
  • Enter the code in the myHearing App on your phone.
  • Follow the in-app instructions and pair your hearing aids.

To further enhance the tele-care experience, the myHearing App also allows you to discuss your progress with a tele-care professional. By accessing the history of your hearing aid adjustments, the tele-care professional can work to mitigate the need for future modifications as well.

Additional Advantages of the AX Model

The advantages of the new Signia AX model doesn’t stop there: While most hearing aids rely on merely acoustic data, the AX is the first to be designed for use with two sound processors, one of which is tailored for speech and the other for all other types of audio.

In addition, with a more robust BlueTooth capability than the previous model, you can further fine-tune your hearing experience by making remote control adjustments via an iPhone or Android device. If you have an iPhone, direct audio streaming is also available.

Want to get your hands on a pair?

At PreciseHearing, we can help you to purchase your own Signia hearing aids, and for a lower price than your local hearing aid provider. Send us your audiogram, and you’re halfway there!

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