Thinking of Buying Hearing Aids Online? I Did!

Why I Decided to Purchase Hearing Aids Online

Almost a decade ago, I found myself in need of a new pair of hearing aids.  Through a hearing test, my local hearing aid provider confirmed my additional hearing loss. After he gave me the best price on his top model, I went home considering the financial hit. For the first time, I used Google to search for ‘hearing aids.’  A few clicks later, I was shocked, and a little indignant, by the low prices online.

I decided to call the site with the lowest prices, I questioned them on how hearing aids could be sold for so much less over the Internet. After talking over the features offered by most major brands, I found the staff to be as knowledgeable as the dispensers I had been dealing with, and probably more so since we talked about more than one brand.

Times have changed since I first started losing my hearing. I was still nervous about this new-fangled way of doing business, but the huge price difference between Precise Hearing’s price and what I’d been quoted locally made the decision easier. I decided to give the new-to-me method of buying hearing aids a try.

The 4 Steps of Purchasing Hearing Aids Online

Here are the steps I used to purchase my hearing aids online:

  1. First, I made an appointment with a local provider for a hearing test. Another option is to visit an ENT, which eliminates the “used car” type sales pitch. I paid for my hearing test and a copy of my audiogram. When I purchased hearing aids from Precise Hearing, I sent them my receipt, and they took $50 off of my bill!
  2. Then, I faxed my audiogram to Precise Hearing. I also called them to get answers to my questions, from what new features were available to how they might benefit my type of hearing loss.
  3. Next, I ordered my chosen hearing aids using a credit card. Precise Hearing might also be able to process your insurance, so be sure to let them know if you have insurance coverage for hearing aids. I filed my insurance claims on my own. So, if you’re like me, just ask Precise Hearing to email you the information needed to fill out any applicable insurance claim forms.
  4. Four days after placing my order, my new hearing aids arrived in the mail, programmed and ready to wear. Less than a month later, the insurance company reimbursement arrived.

Was I Satisfied with the Hearing Aids I Ordered Online?

When I received my order, I found that my open-ear type hearing aids, which do not require a custom fit, are more comfortable and sound better! The purchase process, which used to involve sore ears and weeks of going back for adjustments, takes a fraction of the time. In fact, a majority of it can be done in the comfort of your own home!  

Since then, I basically got my third pair free! In my case, the savings on the previous two pairs of hearing aids purchased through Precise Hearing more than paid the difference between the insurance coverage and the actual cost.

My goal is to benefit from the latest hearing aid technology, while not breaking the bank. After twenty-five years, I’ve finally found the least painful method of keeping my ears working their best.